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Hello! I am the senior editor at Divertir Publishing. There's a good chance if you query us, your submission will be read over a hot cup of coffee, or one reheated a few dozen times. That's what happens when you're part of the publishing elite. You end up meeting the strangest people trying to look normal (I'm normal, I swear...seriously...) - which basically describes me. I have a towel at the ready for those spontaneous jaunts around the universe. Green tea - hot. Darn, my replicator is malfunctioning. Whether it's tea in a fancy parlor or going where no man has gone before, I love reading queries from new authors. Throw in a Jane Austen quote and I'll move you to the top of the pile, if I had any idea where the top might be hiding.

A Slice of Heaven and a Cup of Tea.


Charlotte: Salutations.

Wilbur: Salu-what?

Charlotte: Salutations.

Wilbur: What are they? And where are you?

Charlotte: Salutations is my fancy way of saying hello.

Like Charlotte, allow me to welcome you in a fancy way to my blog. This page is a placeholder, a way for me to comment on my friend’s blogs. You can find me at:

There you can peruse my sewing endeavors, check out what author I am interviewing, and perhaps read my grumpily posted writing tips- usually derived from the current manuscript I am editing.

See you there!

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